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Cornish Cross


Heavy White Cornish Cross:

Is a fast growing breed designed (bred) to produce the maximum saleable meat yield; however in the first week of growth it’s slower than a broiler strain which gives this breed the time to build bone strength. Birds have an excellent feed conversion, livability, strong legs, and a maximum white meat yield with a
plump full confirmation; all of which today’s markets desire in white meat yields.

Heavy White Cornish Cross broilers are suitable for use in a wide range of management or environmental conditions, in hot weather these birds are recognized for its ability to maintain its appetite thus allowing it to maintain growth rates even when lower density feeds are used. (Processed weights could vary from producer to producer depending on conditions of management, nutrition (feed type), and biological environments; weather and relief).


28 days 3.25 lbs 1.45
35 days 4.60 lbs 1.61
42 days 6.02 lbs 1.75
49 days 7.40 lbs 1.90
56 days 8.60 lbs 2.03
63 days 10.04 lbs 2.12

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