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Whether you are a commercial grower or a hobby farmer, we strive to provide you with the highest quality poultry available. 

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Hatchery Choice Egg Layers

Hatchery Choice Egg Layers Spring Sale!

Hatchery Choice Egg Layers Spring Sale!  10% off Use Promo Code Layers10 at checkout.



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Family Owned and Operated

We strive to provide customers with quality poultry as well as providing industry incite. Read how our business has evolved over the years

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Our Story
Our Story


High Yield Cornish Broilers

This breed has an excellent feed conversion, livability, strong legs, and a maximum white meat yield with a plump full confirmation.

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Poultry Supplements

Myers Poultry carries a full line of Poultry Supplements from Dawe's. If you are looking for added nutrition for your poultry at any age consider purchasing some of these products.

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Add some color to your flock

We have colored egg layers, click the link below to view our colored egg layer breeds. 

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