Meat & Egg Specials

EggsProvides meat and eggs for your family at a savings combination.Eggs
Day old Female Layer Chicks (hatchery choice)
White Cornish meat chicks

Meat and Egg Special
# 1
15 Brown Egg Layer
15 Cornish meat Chicks

Meat and Egg Special
# 2
15 Brown Egg Layers
35 Cornish meat Chicks

Meat and Egg Special
# 3
25 Brown Egg Layers
25 Cornish meat Chicks

Meat and Egg Special
# 4
25 Brown Egg Layers
50 Cornish meat chicks

Hatching Eggs

Eggs are guaranteed to be true to breed type & to arrive in good condition. Due to conditions beyond our control, such as shipment, hatching equipment & methods being used we do not guarantee hatch-ability. Only guarantee 70% fertile.


Golden Laced Wyandotte Buff Orpington brown leghorn
Silver Laced Wyandotte Black Australorp
Black Sex Link Isa Brown (Red sexlink)
Barred Rock Amber Link
White Leghorn Light Brahma
RI Red Black Jersey Giant
Assorted Eggs (our choice)

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